Sunday, March 25, 2012

Come check out our new home and name!

Oh my goodness!!!

I can not wait for you all to see my new blog, the design is amazing!! While at least I think it is, I hope that once everything is set up you will be joining me over there!!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Sunday, March 18, 2012

When something seems to good to be true, it most likely is.

We found this wonderful house in January, perfect location- like 5 minutes from where our kids go to school. Close to town and with enough room for all of us. They were willing to do owner financing, which was great!
I get a call this morning, that the owner is filling for bankruptcy, and that we are paid up until the end of the month and will need to move by then. I had quite a few red flags since we moved in, so I should have been prepared for some shady stuff.
When we moved in, work needed to be done on the downstairs bedrooms, doors needed to be put up and one needed to be wired for heat. I was told that they would start working on them the next week- here we are two months out and no work has been done.
He also told us that our first month and deposit was going towards the taxes on the house( because they had to be paid that month, which was the end of January) I just looked on line and not only were the taxes not 1000.00 like he told us, but 500 and they had already been paid in Dec.

I am so ticked off, and pretty stressed out. We have til the end of the month to find a new house, and move. And well it's pretty expensive to move. Plus having to find a house on top of it. And things with G and her behavior have been going really well, and she doesn't deal well with change, so this should be great!!
I sure hope I sell lots of Scentsy and Thirty One this month....LOL

Saturday, March 17, 2012

I became a Scentsy Mama TWICE this week and other exciting stuff :)

So other then starting the week with a nasty allergic reaction to something, that we still don't know what it is from, this week has been pretty fantastic. So here's the highlights!
Scentsy is booming!! I have two new team members this week, and I am so excited. I have order's coming in, I've sent samples and thank you cards to each person that's placed an order last month and this month. Things are starting to fall into place and I love it! When I signed up, I signed up just because I wanted to support my "habit". Now I am booking party's, growing my team, and loving every minute of it! It help's so much when you are on a team that's like a family and so supportive. I ♥ my Scentsy family and I am glad that it is growing!
Things with G are improving ALOT, she is now on her 2 week break from school, but she has went 8 whole school day's in row with no problems. She seems happier, shes listening better and I don't want to pull my hair out It has been a frustrating for us as parents to watch her struggle, because she really is such a sweet kid. She is so ready to go back to cheering, I felt horrible last weekend when her best friend was competing, and she wanted nothing more then to be there. Less then 2 month's til the new season starts, and I am not going to lie, I am just as ready to be back with my "cheer mom besties" as she is to be back with her bestie!
Were down to less then 2 weeks til K leaves for her big band trip to cali, yes I am letting my daughter fly across the country with 110 other students, parents, and staff to compete. It a huge honor to be in a band that takes trips like that, and I am so glad she is getting to experience this. One of my very best friend's is going, so that makes me feel much better! Then she comes home, and is going on a mission trip to NYC for spring break. I'm hoping that she will be humbled at how little some people actually have, and realize that not every person wears 75$ jeans from the mall.
And finally HAPPY ST PATRICKS DAY!! 9 year's ago today B and I went out for the very first time, and we have been together ever since. He is having a really pretty Celtic cross redone for me, and I thought that was sweet :)

Hope you all have had a great week, I will be much better at blogging this week, promise- and yes I know that I said that last week too :)

Saturday, March 10, 2012

I really need to get better at this

I really need to get better about blogging. This week has been so busy, and so much going on that this is the first time I have been able to actually think- and sit down!
Starting tomorrow I am going to try to blog each day til the end of the month! Wish me luck, and that I don't run out of things to blog

Saturday, March 3, 2012

March Scent of the Month!

I am super excited about March's Scent of the month, and Scentsy's first ever Buddy of the month- Wellington! I know that my youngest will be getting one in her Easter basket this year!!

MARCH SCENT - Sunlit Morning
Wake up to warm rays of sunshine. Experience the brilliance of
a spring morning with juicy lemon and bergamot, white flowers,
and a pinch of earthy sage.

I really like this scent- and I was super surprised because I am not a fan of sage. But I really like it, and it makes my house smell fantastic!

You can go to my website- Nikki's Scentsy Site to check out all the new spring stuff!! I have a Spring Open House set up as a party if you would like to place an order- and you can contact me any questions!
I am doing a Fan of the week on my- Facebook Fan Page so make sure to go and "like" me and you could be the fan of the week and win a prize!!