Thursday, January 19, 2012

Love and Logic Update

So I am almost done with the book. Basically I have taken some things that I like out it and some things I like out another book and am using both of them. The main two things are consistency and choices. Last night I decided that I was going to try a little bit of this out, after a fantastic day at school- until the last 20 minutes of the day.
G got her home reader level changed yesterday ( super proud of her ) so normally I would just tell her to go and bring me her home reader. Since I knew this was something that I didn't need for her to right away, so I simply said to her- " I would really love to see your home reader that you brought home, since your level went up, when you have a minute can you bring it me so I can see it?" She went and got her home reader, and even sat there and did her reading. So homework is now done for the night! Homework is a HUGE battle. I then ask her to please bring me her binder, so we can sign off on it, she tells me no, and I let that go for the moment. About 10 minutes later she asks me to pour her a drink, I respond with " I would love to get you a drink, but remember when I asked you to bring me your binder? You didn't want too, and now I don't feel like getting up" Binder is in my hand not 30 seconds later- no arguing, no begging and pleading, no threats of loss of privileges.
Bath time is another nightly struggle at our house. So I just  simply told her, "I would really like it if you could watch American Idol with us tonight, but before we do you need to take a bath. I am going to start it in about 30 minutes" 10 minutes later she is getting in the bath.

So far so good, hopefully this is something that is going to work for us. I know that I am worn out with consent struggles and battles. I know that it is going to take sometime, but at least we are seeing some improvements!!

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  1. I've heard this is supposed to be a good program. I am a new gfc follower from the Finding New Friends Hop. I'd love if you'd stop by my blog too.