Friday, January 27, 2012

My Weekly Recap

This week I am doing a weekly recap. I have had ALOT of things happen this week, some good, some bad. So since I wanted to share them all, I figured that I would do a recap with the highlights. This may be a long post of if you read it, I am thanking you now for it :) I think I am going to break it down into category's, so here we go.

My Blog- What an exciting week. I'm guest hosting a weekend blog hop on one my favorite blogs, and did another week of "tell me Thursday" on one of my other favorite blogs! I am hoping that since we will finally have internet at our new house today, I will be able to check out the new followers I have, and follow back. Since I am pretty sure that my work would not be happy about the amount of posting I am actully doing from I  am pretty proud of myself though, as I have been posting something almost everyday.

My Kids- It was a pretty tough week with G this week. She has had a hard time at school, and required alot extra support and also a trip to the Dr. Her Dr seems to think she is showing signs of ODD. And possibly some very, very mild sensory issues. So that was a whole lot to take in. But the positive to it is that since we are seeing these signs now, we can do counseling, and some serious behavior modifications, if these things are stressful and we are seeing improvements then we will not need to put her on meds. And that's what everyone is trying to avoid. I did just get an email from the school, and she did get 100 on her spelling test this week, so that is HUGE for her. My oldest- K- will be turning 15 in less then 6 days, she will be getting her learners permit. So watch out :)

Our new house, and the lovely IRS- So we are now first time homeowners- super exciting!! I love, love, love our new house. It's amazing and we have so much more room. I can not wait to start working on the small changes we are going to make. And I was so excited because for the first time EVER, I was able to file my taxes on the first day that they were accepting them. So that ment I didn't have to do the normal "rapid refund" because I would get all my refund on the 25th. Well the 25th has come and gone. Now they are saying I may have it on the 31st. But if I don't to wait until Feb 5th, and then call them. SERIOUSLY. They have no problem taking my money out each week, at least keep your word when you say that you are going to be sending me some of that money back, I have bills to pay, and well I really want a new couch.

Thirty One Stuff- So just 5 more days until the Spring Catalog launch, I am super excited ( I do have a link to it if you would like to see it, just let me know) With the move and the whole tax issue it has put me VERY VERY far behind. I am needing to book about 3 more party's a month then normal with us buying the house. These can be home, catalog, or online. So since I so busy with moving, I haven't been working on this and am very very stressed about it. I think that I am going to promote to Sr Consultant this month. So I am super excited about that. I am lucky that I have an amazing team of girls under me!

That about sum's up my week, some good, some bad, and hoping that next week will be better!!


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  4. Cute blog and congrats on the new house! Such an exciting time for you! Enjoy every minute of it!


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  7. I am looking forward to reading more of your posts now that you seem settled down at your new home. Congratulations busy mom lol!

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