Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Yesterday was just a not so fun Mom day!

I have two daughters, two very, very different daughters. My oldest is almost 15 and my youngest is 7. They are seriously night and day, and they both seriously got in trouble yesterday for two completely different things. So this blog post may be LONG, but well I feel the need to share. I will though explain the differences in my girls so that you have a better understanding, starting with oldest, because it explains a bit why I have no clue why youngest does some of the things that she does.
My oldest is almost 15, less then a month and she will be driving herself, which makes the story even funnier, because we were in the car talking about her getting ready to get her permit when she almost got grounded until her birthday. Kate was such an easy child, never in trouble at school, honor's student, great trumpet player, she did competitive cheerleading for 4 years, then this year made her varsity squad as a freshman, teacher's LOVE her, they want a classroom full of kids just like her. Now that you think my child is the perfect child, don't be confused- at home she is a smart mouth, fights with her sister all the time, won't pick up after herself, stay's on her phone/text/facebook, and thinks my sole purpose in life is to be her taxi/ATM/maid.
So we are driving down the road last night, and my fiance (boyfriend of 9 years, life partner, baby daddy) goes " That's why teenagers don't need to drive, look at that car, it's all over the place, cutting in and out of car's" Then they cut us off and turned- way to fast. But not before we noticed that it was not just any car of teenage drivers, but my lovely daughter and her friends. I then get irate, and not just a little irate, but full out screaming and yelling about how if she can't ride with responsible drivers then she doesn't need to ride with anyone but her parents. And this is how kids end up getting killed, you know that whole nine yards. So I call her and she of course doesn't pick up because she knows that shes in trouble. Finally I do get in touch with her, and well she is not happy with what I have to say, and of course I am the worst mother in the world because I want to keep her safe.
And now my youngest daughter, who is a handful, she is mouthy, and strong willed, and wants her own way all the time, she pushes every button I have and knows that she can wear me down, she also does competitive cheer, and is a girl scout. Gracie was very sick when she was little, she had a rare disorder called Langerhans's Cell Histiocytosis. So she has been babied ALOT. She is my baby, she is the funniest, loving child ever. She is also pretty darn mean sometimes. We get regular call's from the school, her principal and I are on a first name basis, I talk to her some day's more then I talk to my friends. So yesterday the school emails start coming at about 11:30, Gracie doesn't want to do anything asked of her, she's pushing, arguing with friends, ect. So I am not happy by the time I pick her up, she then has cheer, which I can't keep her from practicing, because she's on a team and it's not fair to the other girls on her team. So what does she do, act's HORRIBLE the last part of practice.

So now both of my kids are grounded for the next week.... more fun times at my house.


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  3. Hi Nikki! Your blog is fantastic :) Sadly, I probably drove just like your daughter's friends when I was there age! The good news is, I grew into a better driver. haha! I'm a new MBC follower and look forward to your posts.