Thursday, February 2, 2012

Happy Birthday Kate, Being the parent of a child with Oppositional Defiant Disorder and Thank Goodness the Spring Catalog has come out!

This has probably been one of the hardest weeks of my life. We are starting intense treatment for my 7 year old. It's really hard, and I really feel alone in it. Her Dad understands, and some of my friends understand. But not everyone understands. And the people that think they understand, want to sit around my office and talk about how if I was consistent with my parenting, and set limit's then maybe my family wouldn't be going through this. And say things like I am using this to come and go as I please, REALLY PEOPLE, do you think that I want this for my daughter. Because I don't, but do I want to put in the time with her so that she can get better, of course I do. What I really would like is for people to mind their own business. If you can't be supportive, then by all means just don't say anything at all. So on to happier things-

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY AMAZING NOW 15 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER!! I can't believe how fast the time has went. I'm really proud of all the things that she is doing with her life, and the good choices she is making. I am sure that we are going to get things with G under control, and that she will follow in her sister's footsteps- at least at school, because at home she still has the normal typical smart mouth teenage attitude! I am very, very blessed to have to amazing and wonderful daughter's- they really are my whole life!
This is a VERY old picture, but it's the only one that I on my computer right now :) 

In other exciting news, Thirty One's new Spring Catalog came out yesterday, you can take a look off of my website- Spring Catalog! I am super excited about it, and I am hoping that this will be a successful season for me with Thirty One, my "regular" job is not being very pleasant about having to work around G's appt's, even though I am approved for FMLA. So I am praying that I start doing really well. I am having a birthday/housewarming/open house next week, and I really hope that I have a good turn out. 


  1. You have me really curious about Oppositional Defiance Disorder. We have been having major problems with my six year old.

    1. Its definitely something that came as a surprise to us, feel free to email me anytime to talk :)

  2. Good for you getting the help that you family needs! That is a HUGE step in the process. It is difficult for people to understand...but you sound like you are a great momma! Keep up the good work!