Friday, February 10, 2012

Scentsy Mystery Hostess Party!!

I had my scensty launch party last night, along with my birthday party! What a fantastic night :) I was very surprised at how well my scentsy launch went! I had no plans of even trying to hit my 15 day goal, but now I am so close!!
So here's how this works, anyone that places an order off of my - Mystery Hostess Party! which you can find on my website, under my open party's, will win all the hostess rewards off the party. So even if you place a 5$ order, you still get entered to win!! Also if you sign up to receive my newsletter, then you also get entered to win a scent bar of your choice!!

I am super excited to meet this goal, and hope that with some help I can!! And alot of things are 10% off this month!!


  1. Hi there! New follower 7 kids and counting weekend hop.

    Hope you will stop by my blog and say hi.