Thursday, February 23, 2012

Yet another behavior update

I am sure this may possibly be met with some of my readers not agreeing, so before I even post what we are trying I want to be really clear that G's Dr does not like using meds, that's why we have been doing really intense behavior modifications with her. The more we modify, the madder she is getting and the more she is acting out. Which is causing things to be miserable 99.9% of the time for everyone, hr, us the school.
So after much talk and much debate we decided to try her on ADHD meds, to help her focus herself, and then we are going in on Tuesday (because her Dr wants to keep a really close eye on her with her now being on meds) to see if we are noticing any difference, and to possibly talk about a mood stabilizer. She doesn't want to add them together. So that's where we are. I really didn't want to go this route, but right now we have so much going on with our family, and she really needs something to take the edge off.
They took my father in law to the hospital on Monday, and well things are not looking good on that front. It's hard to believe that we have barely known for a month that he has cancer, and now were not knowing if he is even coming out of the hospital. My best friend since we were little kids just lost her husband to cancer this month at 34, I has no idea what she was dealing with until our family is dealing with it too.
So it's been a rough couple days, needless to say that's why I am not blogging as much as I would like to be :)

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