Thursday, February 23, 2012

I just promoted!!

So I just promoted ( while I will on the 10th when commissions run) to Sr Consultant with Thirty One!! I am super excited, it seems like I have been waiting on this FOREVER!!
If your not familler with Thirty One- you can take a look at website here - Nikki's Thirty One Website we have some great products and I can always do an online party, catalog party or take a retail order!!

I am really trying to promote and grow my team, so this is a huge step for me, and puts me one step closer to being to stay home with my kids!!


  1. I LOVE Thirty One! I have a few friends that sell it and my house is overflowing with their stuff!


  2. Love, Love, Love it!! Thats why I signed up :) I just ordered a BUNCH of spring stuff and can not wait for it to get here!!
    And Thanks :) I'm pretty excited, I have a great team under me and am hoping to promote to director by August!!

  3. I am following the blog hop and am now your latest GFC follower myw1ldcrazylife. I hope you can stop by and follow me too!