Monday, February 20, 2012

YAY for Monday!

So please insert as much sarcasm into the title of this post as you feel nessasary! I personally find Monday to be most possibly the most annoying day of the week. My kids are never happy to go back school, they are normally sleepy on Monday morning, because Sunday night is always a struggle for us to get G to go to bed after 2 days of sleeping in. This weekend was alot harder because she spent Wednesday, Thursday and Friday home sick. Thankfully everyone is all well in our house now and will hopefully stay that way.
I also find Monday's at work to be quite annoying. For some reason's our customer's are all fired up on Mondays about EVERYTHING. And well some of our employees are super grumpy- again you would think that with two days off they (including me) would be in MUCH better moods! Although today is a pretty fantastic day for me as I am back on 6-3, which I LOVE because I still get out of here with enough time to actually get things done. And I have two full hours of being here in basically peace and quite.

This weekend was pretty low key for us, since everyone in our house was sick. I missed out on a huge vendor event for Thirty One, so that was a huge let down since I really needed the contacts from it! On a direct sales plus for the weekend I did 545.00 within my first 15 days with Scentsy- which I am super excited about!!

Hope you all have a fantastic Monday!!


  1. Monday's for me are never really all that great either. It is usually the day I clean the house but today is an exception. Its just such a beautiful day outside that I can't help but be in a good mood. Im going on a hike or something.....gotta make the most of it! Congrats on your first 15 days with Scentsy! Very impressive!

  2. Thanks :) I am super excited!!
    Enjoy your hike today, I love hiking!!


  3. Hi! Saw you from Make My Morning Blog Hop and thought I'd stop by. Contrats on your sales with Scentsy! Sorry to hear you were sick, but our house caught the crud, too, and it's been awful! Hope everyone feels better soon!

  4. Just hopping by from Make My Morning Blog Hop! I hope you have a great Monday!! Great job on the Sales!! That is really good!! Come visit me at!

  5. I hope you are feeling better today! It's so exciting about the Scentsy goal being met!!! And I will stop by the event sometime this week to see about getting us in for next time! Remind me to tell you my idea about double brands there!.

    C woke up with an upset stomach, but it settled down by 9:45 so I sent him on to school. And R had swollen tonsils when home from school this weekend. Hope she doesn't get the strep running around!!!

  6. Glad everyone is well again. I enjoyed reading. Saw your blog listed on Make My Monday Blog Hop. LOVE Thirty One! Stop by and see me at

    Have a great Monday...

  7. Visiting your blog from the Make My Monday Blog Hop. I missed yesterday's hop and I think I will pretend Monday never happened. Here's why, I woke up showered only to be thrown up on by a sick kid a few minutes later and that's pretty much what happened all day!

  8. New follower from the hop! Hope you come by and follow too! Have a GREAT day!